Modular CPL course (Commercial Pilot)

The CPL (A) license enables the holder to operate as Pilot in Command on single-pilot aircraft engaged in commercial air transport operations according to visual flight rules.

The duration of the modular course is 12 months.

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • First class medical suitability
  • Must hold a PPL (A)
  • Must have completed at least 150 hours of flight as pilot
  • Knowledge of Mathematics, Physics and English

Theoretical part

  • The theory course includes at least 250 hours of teaching that can include classwork and guided visits to airport organisations (Control Towers, Radar Centres, CDAs).

It is possible to attend the course through Distance Learning (with 25 hours of compulsory classroom lesson attendance).

It is possible to attend English courses.

Practical Part

  • The practical part includes 25 hours of practical flight training (30 hours if you do not hold the night rating).

To be admitted to the practical exam to obtain the license, candidates must demonstrate that they have completed 150 hours of flight.

Cadets will be given the necessary training materials.


Theory course - CPL distance learning (including classroom lessons): €3.500
Practical course - calculated according to the type of aircraft used.


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