LAPL License course (Light Aircraft Pilot)

The course objective is to obtain the LAPL (A) License which enables the holder to operate as the pilot in command of single-engine aircraft up to 2,000kg (carrying up to 3 passengers + the pilot) engaged in non-commercial flight and in accordance with visual flight rules. It also allows the holder to pilot all ultralight aircraft, including advanced ones.

The course duration is variable according to the cadet’s availability (minimum duration of 4 months).

Entry Requirements

  • The minimum age to access the course is 16 years; the minimum age to obtain the license is 17 years (those under 18 must have parental consent)
  • Second class medical suitability

Theoretical part

  • The theory part includes 90 hours of classroom lessons.

Practical Part

  • The flight training includes 30 hours of flight in total.

 Cadets will be given the necessary training materials.

Course Location

Accademia del Volo Training Centre, located at the International Airport ‘San Francesco d’Assisi’ in Perugia.


Theory (90 hours) and practical (30 hours) course: €7.500 (30 hours P66)


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