Obtain a new rating for drone pilots

The course is for pilots who already have a certificate for a certain class or category and who want to obtain a new rating.

Theoretical part

The Training Centre provides candidates with a briefing on the drone (RPA) in use.

Practical Flight training

Pilots who have obtained certification for a certain category or class can get an extension to a new category or class by attending a practical course before the certificate expires. The course consists of missions which must have a total duration of at least 2 hours.

Final examination

The skill test is carried out on a RPA belonging to the new class and category on which the practical course was held. It is effectuated by an RPAS examiner and includes a mission of at least 10 minutes.

Course locations

  • Accademia del Volo Training Centre, located at the International Airport ‘San Francesco d’Assisi’ in Perugia
  • eCampus University in Novedrate (25km from Milan)


Students of Accademia del Volo have the possibility of accommodation at affiliated hotels or residences.

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