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Accademia del Volo

Accademia del Volo Cepu belongs to a group which has branches spread across the whole of Italy. Aware of the potential the aviation sector offers in terms of job opportunities, the organisation became involved in the flight industry by founding a school located at the International Airport of Umbria "San Francesco d’Assisi" in Perugia.

The infrastructure and operational procedures of the school guarantee a full and proper training, thanks to a team of instructors who boast vast experience in the field of aviation and who want to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with all those who are passionate about flight.

Accademia del Volo Cepu has the IT.ATO.0082 certification.

The A.T.O. Certification is the highest EASA certification issued in Europe for civil flight schools, and concerns all training levels.

The EASA certifications (Part-ORA, Part-FCL) are aeronautical regulation systems common to European countries which harmonise the various regulations previously adopted by each single state.

Flight training courses

LAPL(A) Pilota di Aeromobili Leggeri

Light Airplane Pilot Llicence

PPL(A) Pilota Privato

Private Pilot License

CPL(A) Pilota Commerciale

Commercial Pilot Licence

ATPL(A) Modulare Teorico

Airline Transport Pilot License

ATPL teorico /CPL/IR/ME

Airline Transport Pilot License ATPL/CPL/IR/ME

School location: Aeroporto Internazionale "San Francesco d'Assisi" via dell’Aeroporto - 06134 Sant’Egidio (PG).
International admissions: +39 0575 782 307 | +39 335 5899 587

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