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What is a Certification?

The certification is an aeronautical title which is recorded on the Licence, becoming an essential part of it; it identifies the pilot’s capacity to do specific activities as indicated by the Licence, as, for instance:

  • flying a determined type of aircraft or helicopter
  • flying instrumentally aided, with no external visibility (I.R. -Instrumental Rating)
  • aerobatic flying
  • towing:  gliders or other instruments.

Regardless of the type of licence a pilot is in possession of, and whatever the level of skill and experience, they cannot fly a type or class of an airplane without having received a proper training.
Any time a pilot has the opportunity or the necessity to sit in the flight deck of an airplane or helicopter, they must make sure to be in possession of the specific training and consequent licence, obtained through an examination. Being properly trained and passing a qualifying examination is also necessary to do specific activities. Furthermore, in order to keep the developed skill, it is necessary to practice and train continually, doing periodical checks.

The Certifications

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