VP/RU Certifications

Accademia del Volo organizes courses for the achievement of the certification necessary to fly VP+RU aircraft.
(Variable Pitch Propeller – Retractable Undercarriage).


Necessary Prerequisites

  • PPL(A) licence or higher
  • Valid SEP(A) licence
  • Valid Class I or Class II medical examination.

Theoretical Course

6 hours in the classroom (including final test)
The theoretical course takes place in the classroom and focuses on on-board systems and study of the Aircraft Flight Manual of the PA28-200R aircraft used for in-flight training. Short pre-flight briefing and post-flight debriefing on each mission.

Flight Training Practice

  • 5 hours of training.
  • Once the theoretical phase has been completed, the practical training follows, making use of aircraft supplied by “Accademia del Volo”

While Flying Final Check

  • 1 hour check, flying with FI or CRI.
  • Once completed the theoretical course, a final multiple choice assessment test is done by the student. The flight instructor will issue a document of eligibility to the those who prove to have reached a proper level of training.
  • The instructor will certify the achievement of the training done by the pilot on his logbook, in accordance to the Reg.to 1178/2011 Air Crew Part FCL.   


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