IRI Instrumental Rating Instructors

The objective of this course is to get the Certification of Instrumental Flight Instructor (IRI), in order to be able to prepare the students attending the courses for the instrumental flight certification (IR), the (CPL/IR), commercial Licence in its instrumental part, on single engine and multi engine aircraft, (only if in possession of specific certifications).


Necessary Prerequisites

  • Medical suitability for I class flight.
  • 800 hours of flight IFR, 400 of which done on airplanes.
  • CPL(A) Licence, with IR(A) Certification.
  • As an alternative:
  • CPL(A) Licence with IR(A) Certification
  • FI(A) valid Certification.
  • 200 hours of IFR flight

Theretical course

125 hours of lessons, 25 of which are dedicated to teaching and learning, 20 hours are for testing and evaluation, 80 hours are for Long Briefing. The lessons include a review of the theoretical knowledge, the principles to apply during the teaching session in a PPL(A) course, and the study of the didactic methods, necessary to teach theory or flight procedures.

Flight training

  • 30 hour of flight training

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