ATPL theoretical / CPL IR ME

The course is recommended for the student pilot who has already achieved a PPL(A) Flight Licence and is willing to pursue a professional career. The modules are focused on the achievement of the ATPL theoretical Licence, the IR Certificate and the CPL Licence.


Necessary Prerequisites

  • Minimum age of 18 years to be admitted to the course
  • Medical suitability for I class flight
  • PPL(A) Licence
  • 150 hours of ¬†flight, 100 hours of which as Pilot in Command
  • Nocturnal flight Certification
  • MEP Certification

Theoretical Course

650 hours of lessons are dedicated to the study of the following technical subjects: aeronautics regulations, general notions about aircraft, performance and planning, human performance and its limits, meteorology, navigation, operational procedures, flight principles, communication.

Flight Training

70 hours of training, divided as follows: 15 hours instrumental flight on a twin engine (IR MEP SP), 40 hours on a flight simulator (IR MEP SP), 15 hours of flight Commercial Licence, 10 hours of which on a single engine aircraft VFR, and 5 hours on a single engine (retractable landing gear/variable pitch propeller/4 people).


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