Become a drone pilot specialised in precision agriculture

The course provides the standard training required by law to fly in non-critical areas (see basic course), and includes an analysis of the techniques for the use of drones equipped with multispectral sensors, capable of carrying out surveys on vegetation.

Practical Flight training

There is a practical group assessment test in which participants will plan a standard flight, fully simulating the procedure which must be put into place in order to effectuate surveys with specific software tools and create images which represent the vegetative state of crops. Useful ways to face determined operational scenarios will also be illustrated during the flight work.

What skills will be taught?

Subjects such as land structure and orography will be studied. Trainee pilots will learn to assess the land and flyover areas in order to be capable of spotting potential critical issues such as: the presence of vegetation and large manmade structures, strongly sloped land, areas with little GPS signal, or the presence of water sources.

Why are drones used in agriculture?

Using drones in agriculture means taking precise agronomic choices which optimise earnings and resources. In order to obtain images which are clear and suitable for the purpose of precision farming, is it important to be able to evaluate the risks linked to the mesoclimate, which is closely linked to the surface to fly over.

Course locations

  • Accademia del Volo Training Centre, located at the International Airport ‘San Francesco d’Assisi’ in Perugia
  • eCampus University in Novedrate (25km from Milan)


Students of Accademia del Volo have the possibility of accommodation at affiliated hotels or residences.

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