MCC Type rating course (Multicrew aircraft)

The course objective is to allow pilots to acquire the first type rating on a multi-crew aircraft. During the course, candidates are trained in cockpit coordination for multi-pilot and multi-engine aircraft. The course is held on flight simulator FNTP II – approved for this type of training, and has a duration of approximately 2 months.

Theoretical part

  • The course includes 25 hours of theory. During this phase, students explore the theory behind working in a group situation and the team skills which are used during flight to improve crew performance. Students study the relationship between people, machinery and the environment, and learn how, by adopting a professional approach, individuals can interact in a more efficient way.

Practical Part

  • 20 hours of simulator time, of which 10 are flown as PM (Pilot Monitoring) on the certified FNTP II flight simulator

Cadets, in twos, and flying as crew members in realistic work scenarios, put into practice the theory learnt during classes.


Full course: €3.000


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